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24-25 October


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180€ +Vat 

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300€ +VAT

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Why take part in 2nd Agile Humans Day?

2nd Agile Humans Day gathers over 15 thought leaders from all over the world, with keynote speakers like Niklas Modig, Dana Zohar, Natasha Lindstaedt, Xavier Albaladejo and many others.

Let‘s get together, explore our own principles and values, limits and potentials and foundations of agile culture.
Agile is not only part of software development, it’s present in all industries and aspects of life. That’s why we’ve gatherer amazing speakers who raise different topics regarding humans and their interactions. Boost your potential to brace upcoming future transformations on all levels.

Agile Organisational Culture. The Anatomy of Values

We learned what “Processes and Tools” are, but we still need to explore what “Individuals and Interactions” mean. Last year we discussed agile professions and career paths, this time we will focus on agile individuals, their mindsets and values.

Only agile individuals are able to create truly agile organisations.

But who are these individuals? Are we one of them?

Our  2nd Agile Humans Day is a two-day conference that will bring together top class agile thinkers and researchers, innovators and disruptors, experts in Agile, Lean and Kanban and most importantly – unique human beings. So, prepare to challenge your mindset, and expand your horizons at this very special event!